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Bragagnini Associates Mortgage Solutions and Financial Solutions believe in giving something back and each year we pick a nominated charity to raise funds for : These have included charities such as “Make a Wish Foundation” and “The Henry Allen Trust” to name a few. We have various events organised to raise funds, including our annual golf day and we are very proud to continue supporting worthwhile causes.

Why Use a Specialist Mortgage Broker?


With the large number of different mortgage products and deals currently on offer and the speed at which these change, it is very time-consuming for consumers to assess which one is most suitable for them. Today’s technology has obviously reduced the time involved but in our experience, most people want to speak to someone face to face rather than via the internet.

After all, buying a house and taking out a mortgage is often the biggest financial decision people make in their entire lives.

With access to the entire mortgage market,and with access to a range of exclusive deals, Bragagnini Associates can and will put together the most appropriate package to suit a client’s current situation and future financial needs. Our expertise, market knowledge and lender relationships enable us to package a mortgage in exactly the right way to minimise timescales and maximise client benefits.


In addition to our expertise, experience, market knowledge and ability to secure the best deal possible, we have a quality “one-stop shop” approach and will deliver you the ultimate in client service to ensure you will never need to go anywhere else again for financial advice.