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Bragagnini Associates Mortgage Solutions and Financial Solutions believe in giving something back and each year we pick a nominated charity to raise funds for : These have included charities such as “Make a Wish Foundation” and “The Henry Allen Trust” to name a few. We have various events organised to raise funds, including our annual golf day and we are very proud to continue supporting worthwhile causes.

Mortgage Options


Whether you are purchasing a property for the first time, re-mortgaging an existing property or have a buy-to-let portfolio, all our advisers have expertise in each of these sectors to assist you and add value. We will explain the various types of mortgage options available such as fixed, variable, tracker, offset etc., and provide advice on the most appropriate way of repaying your mortgage to fit in with your current and future circumstances.

Selecting a mortgage can be a difficult and time-consuming exercise as lenders often use jargon, describe mortgages by different names, have varying interest rates, small print terms and upfront charges, many of which change almost on a daily basis. For these reasons, we believe you should always use a specialist broker who has the current market information to hand and can guide you through this maze.

There are many different types of UK mortgage options available, each with their own pros and cons, and the list on the left is designed to provide a brief synopsis of the most popular mortgage products currently available.